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PPE Delegation of RUC Paid an In-depth Visit to OxF., Warwick and UCL

From May 10th to 15th, the “Philosophy, Politics and Economics Undergraduate compound Project”(PPE) delegation of Renmin University(RUC) paid an in-depth visit to its counterparts at Oxford University, Warwick University and University College London(UCL). Together with other 4 representatives from professors and administration staff in these relevant 3 faculties, Prof. Yao Xingzhong, president of PPE Project Committee and Dean of the Philosophy Faculty, Prof. Chen Yanbin, vice Dean of the Economics Faculty and Prof. Yan Jin, vice Dean of the International Relations Faculty took part in the visit. During the visit, this delegation was guested warmly from Prof. Richard Trainor, Dean of the Exeter College of Oxford, Prof. Anita Avramides, director of PPE Committee at Oxford, Prof. Jan Palmowski, vice headmaster of Warwick University, Prof. Andrew Reeve, director of PPE Project as well as Prof. Tim Hicks, director of PPE Project at London University.

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of PPE Project, which was founded at Oxford University more than a hundred years ago and a cradle of many prime ministers, political and business elites as well as famous journalists. Oxford University represents the most traditional rigorous English style education mode, for it possesses the strongest teacher resource and the most outstanding students. Warwick University ranks steadily the top 10 research-based Unis in England and the top 100 around the world, it is also a member of Russell Group Universities, which equals IVY in America. Warwick University started its PPE Project in 2004. The 3 faculties involved have enormous strength: Politics and International Relations rank the fifth in England and the 23th of the world; The Philosophy Faculty specializes and is the strongest in Continental Philosophy in the 19th and 20th century, and ranks the first three in Art Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind; In 2014, Economics Faculty gains its No. 1 ranking in England. Its PPE Project develops rapidly and represents a more flexible and modern educational mode. UCL is the best university in England. Its PPE Project is under preparation. Just like RUC, the major will welcome its first batch of students this September. People expect confidently this project due to the strength in political and economic researches and teaching. According to Prof. Yao Xingzhong, PPE in the three universities are in different development stages and have their respective characteristics, concepts and advantages, which offer RUC great experience. It is also the purpose of this visit.

When discussing with the other 3 universities about the PPE Project, the representatives of RUC focused mainly on the subject such as enrollment mode, course setting, students educating, assessment, occupation planning and communicating between faculties. 3 universities arranged students who are studying PPE and teachers to take part in the discussion. Through these thorough and meticulous discussion, the representatives of RUC had more comprehensive understanding on the PPE of the universities in UK, and considering it a great chance to learn a lot experience, although there is also limits for some application of experience in China. For example, the PPE course of the University of Oxford focused on the Tutorial, such a unique teaching method cannot be copied for China, and can hardly applied in other Universities in the UK neither. The representatives of RUC think that we should combine the experience of all the 3 universities, then develop a unique way of PPE teaching which is suitable for the Chinese elite education. After each meeting, the representatives of RUC would give their counterparts a present that has the logo of RUC or the faculty on it. The representatives of University of Warwick and University College London said, they both hope they could have more opportunity to cooperate with RUC on the PPE Project in the future.

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